My Mission

I help empaths and highly sensitive people step into their purpose as healers so that they can connect with their angels to heal themselves, heal others and heal the planet. 

My Story

I always knew I was an empath and a highly sensitive since being a small child and it used to negatively affect my life. I experienced everything from anxiety to depression to physical symptoms such as psoriasis and eczema.

But everything changed the day my dad passed away in 2015. He began to speak with me from Spirit after he passed away which is when I discovered I was an intuitive.

Shortly thereafter he introduced me to my team of guides and angels from the other side. He said to me, “Just as you have a group of people who love and support you there, you also have a group who love and support you here”. As a result of that introduction I went on to develop a beautiful relationship with my guides and angels that has completely transformed my life.

Since that introduction it has been my mission to help other empaths embrace their gifts as being highly sensitive so that they too can connect with their guides and angels to step into their purpose as a healer.

Every single person has a team of guides and angels who are waiting for you to connect with them!

I believe as we embrace the gift of being an empath or a highly sensitive person, we all become healers in some capacity. And when we step into our purpose as healers we can then heal ourselves, heal others, and heal the planet. 

My Background

I have over 10 years of experience and advanced education in psychology. I use my extensive training in meditation to teach my clients how to manage their sensitivity to energy to begin connecting with their angels on a regular basis. 

My formal training includes:

  • Bachelor's degree in Psychology
  • BodyTalk Access & MindScape certifications
  • Landmark Forum
  • Meditation & Spiritual Healing Certification (100+
  • Professional Intuitive Certification
  • Transformation Coaching Certification
  • Past Lives Diploma
  • Advanced Angelic Healing Practitioner Certification

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